Nissan EV Comparison: 2024 Leaf vs 2023 Ariya

2024 nissan leaf vs 2023 nissan ariya


At Nissan of Sarnia, we are happy to have in our offer both electric car models: the Nissan Leaf and the Nissan Ariya.

With the advancements in electric vehicle technology and constantly expanding infrastructure for electric cars in Sarnia and around Ontario, you may start to consider making a switch to an electric car. And that’s great! Going electric not only benefits the environment, but also your long-term budget. Cheaper prices of electricity mean lower operating costs, while reduced need for maintenance equals saving money, time and energy wasted on frequent visits to mechanics and service departments.

Now, the only question remaining is – should you choose the 2024 Leaf or 2023 Ariya? Let’s explore both EVs!


 2024 Nissan Leaf


2024 Nissan Leaf black, parked along the coastline


The Leaf was the first Nissan electric vehicle launched in Canada. For years it was the all-time top selling plug-in electric car! Since 2010 our engineers continuously strive to enhance the electric cars, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. Today we are proud to present Nissan Leaf 2024!

What makes the newest Leaf so special?


Nissan Leaf Range and Battery


With the 2024 Leaf, you have the flexibility to choose the battery that suits your needs best. The standard 40 kWh battery with 147 horsepower offers a range of up to 240 km. However, if you prefer longer trips without frequent charging, you can opt for the 60 kWh battery with 214 hp, extending your range up to 342 km – meaning you can travel from Sarnia to Toronto without any stops! Additionally, you can utilize the Eco-Mode and B-Mode to conserve energy and recharge the battery while driving.


2024 Nissan Leaf driving long range


If you are concerned about performance in harsh Canadian winters, rest assured – the Leaf’s battery is engineered to withstand minus temperatures, ensuring its reliability even during the coldest months.


Nissan Leaf Charging


Forget about the hassle of regular maintenance tasks and check-ups required for traditional engines. With the Leaf’s pure electric powertrain you can simply enjoy the ride!


2024 Nissan Leaf charging at an EV charging station


You can charge your Leaf in three convenient ways. The most accessible option is to plug in your electric car with a standard 120V charging cable – even in your own garage! The fastest way is to use the Quick Charge Port – it allows you to charge 80% of the battery in an hour. If you are travelling across Canada you can use the public 240V charging stations – across all the Canadian provinces there are over 15,000 places you can conveniently charge your electric vehicle!


Nissan Leaf Performance

2024 Nissan Leaf driving in the city


250 lb-ft of torque guarantees the 2024 Leaf a smooth and powerful acceleration, while the low centre of gravity makes the handling agile and enjoyable. Taking the corners has never been easier! The technologies used in this EV model are inspired by the Nissan Formula E race car, which competed in the electric vehicles racing series. We bring the excitement of all-electric racing to everyday driving!


Nissan Leaf Interior & Cargo

2024 Nissan Leaf cargo configuration and interior


Electric car pooling? No problem! The Leaf can comfortably fit up to 5 people. With the Automatic Temperature Control, heated front and rear seats and heated steering wheel you and your passengers can enjoy year-round comfort. The Leaf’s cargo space offers up to 668L of storage capacity. For larger items, the rear seats can be folded in a 60/40 split or fully, allowing for packing up to 850L!


2023 Nissan Ariya


2023 Nissan Ariya driving in snowy conditions


The Ariya is the first Nissan electric crossover SUV. It’s a new model, just released this year! How does it compare with the Leaf?


Nissan Ariya range and battery 


The 2023 Ariya lineup offers six different trim levels, featuring two battery options: 63 kWh and 87 kWh. The range varies depending on the trim, ranging from 330 km up to an impressive 490 km. Both the Ariya EVOLVE e-4ORCE and the Ariya ENGAGE have ranges similar to the 2024 Leaf equipped with the 60 kWh battery. However, if you opt for any other Ariya trim levels, you can enjoy even greater driving distances on a single charge.


Nissan Ariya Charging

2023 Nissan Ariya charging at an EV charging station


The charging time of the Ariya is slightly shorter than the Leaf – with the 480-V DC Quick Charging it takes less than an hour! Just like the other EV, the Ariya can be charged at home from a standard 120-V or 240-V outlet or you can use one of the 240-V electric car public charging stations in Sarnia.


Nissan Ariya Performance


The Nissan Ariya exceeds its older EV rival in many ways. As an electric crossover, it combines the all-weather capabilities of an SUV with the smoothness and precision of a sports car. The available e-4ORCE All-Wheel Drive allows you to venture off the beaten path, while still enjoying excellent acceleration and comfortable handling!


Ariya provides additional control with a selection of driving modes that include Sport Mode, Eco Mode and Snow Mode. The efficiency and performance of the EV is in your hands!


Nissan Ariya interior and cargo

2023 Nissan Ariya interior seating


The Ariya accommodates five passengers – the same as the Leaf – but the interior is much more spacious and boasts a futuristic, haptic design. Sound isolation and Active Sound Control Technologies ensure a peaceful and noiseless ride. Zero Gravity heated seats and heated steering wheel will make any winter journey comfortable and cozy.


2023 Nissan Ariya dashboard with dual display


One of the standout advantages of the Ariya is its impressive cargo capacity. Thanks to the Divide-N-Hide system, it offers a vast storage space of up to 1690L, providing ample room for all your belongings and cargo needs.


2023 Nissan Ariya cargo space


Coverage of Nissan Electric Cars


In all Nissan Leaf and Ariya electric vehicle models, the lithium-ion battery is very durable and built to last – your EV battery is covered for 160,000 km or 8 years!


Both electric cars are backed by the Complete Vehicle Warranty, which means basic coverage for 3 years or 60,000 km.




Both the 2024 Leaf and 2023 Ariya have their unique strengths, catering to different preferences and budgets. The Leaf is an economical electric car ideal for daily commutes and day trips, offering practicality and efficiency. The Ariya, is a more luxurious and feature-rich electric vehicle with various trim-levels, crafted for specific customer needs. Take a look at our Inventory! Which one would you pick?

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For those who have yet to experience the unique feeling of driving an electric car, Nissan of Sarnia offers the opportunity to book a test ride! Visit us and feel the excitement of getting behind the wheel of one Nissan’s newest EV models!