Nissan Sedan Comparison: 2023 Sentra vs 2023 Versa

2023 nissan sentra vs 2023 nissan versa comparison cover photo

If you are searching for a budget friendly car with great performance, equipped with the newest technologies and top safety features, you should take a closer look at these two sedans: 2023 Nissan Sentra and 2023 Nissan Versa. Both models were designed as versatile and compact city vehicles and are available at our dealership – Nissan of Sarnia.

The Sentra and Versa may appear similar on the first sight, so you may wonder – which car would be the perfect one for you? Let’s explore the features together!


2023 Sentra vs 2023 Versa Comparison Chart


Price Starting from 23.653 CAD Starting from 20.098 CAD
Seating Capacity 5 5
Trim Levels  S – SV – SR S (MT/CVT) – SV -SR
Engine 2.0-liter Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine 1.6-litre DOHC 16-valve  4-cylinder engine
Horsepower 149 HP @ 6,000 rpm 122 HP @ 6,300 rpm
Drivetrain Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) Front-Wheel Drive (FWD)
Transmission Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) 5-speed manual transmission OR Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
Combined Fuel Economy 7.1 L/100 km 6.7 L/100 km
Fuel Tank Volume 46.9 litres (12.4 gals) 41 litres (9 gals)
Cargo Volume 405 litres (14.2 cu.ft,) 425 litres (15 cu. ft.)
Exterior Colour Choice Monochrome or two tone Monochrome
Moonroof (sunroof) Available Not available


Engine Power


The Nissan Sentra 2023 boasts a slightly stronger engine with the Direct Injection Gasoline technology –  hence the higher starting price. But if you’re leaning towards the Nissan Versa – don’t worry, with 122 horsepower, this compact car has enough kick to safely merge even on the busy highways of Ontario. Even with all the seats taken, the power of both Sentra and Versa is more than enough for daily driving.


2023 nissan sentra handling a sharp corner

2023 Nissan Sentra cornering a sharp turn.

Transmission & Fuel Economy Comparison


Good news for the fans of manual transmission – the S trim of 2023 Versa allows you to choose which type of transmission you feel more comfortable with! In the manual option, the fuel economy is 8.6 L/100km in the city and 6.7L/100km on the highway. With the other trims equipped in the Xtronic CVT you will save even more, with the fantastic efficiency of 7.4 L/100km and 5.9 L/100km respectively! With the fuel tank volume of 41L, you can breathe with ease whenever you visit the gas station.


2023 nissan versa driving in city viewed from rear

2023 Nissan Versa driving in the city.

2023 Nissan Sentra doesn’t fall behind with its very economical fuel consumption – on a highway it burns only 6.0 L/100 km! The active grill shutter is controlling the airflow for different speeds travelled and optimizing the usage of gas. If you want to save even more you can set the Eco Mode and keep the score with the Fuel Economy screen! In the city Sentra can use as little as 8.2L/100km. Full tank fits 46.9L – say goodbye to frequent stops for refueling!


2023 nissan sentra driving in the city

2023 Nissan Sentra driving in the city.

Features & Safety


2023 nissan versa safety features including backup camera and dashboard warnings

Backup camera and driver attention alert.

Both vehicles are designed to ensure the comfort and safety of every ride. Nissan technologies will help you navigate through bustling streets of Sarnia and assist during longer drives across Canada. With the sensors of the Safety Shield 360 you have visual control over the surroundings, while the standard safety tech, like Rear Automatic Braking and Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, can step in when you need them. Blind Spot Warning and Lane Departure Warning will help you drive safely and with confidence in any conditions.


2023 nissan apple carplay connectivity display

Apple CarPlay display module.

In the 2023 Versa and the 2023 Sentra you don’t need to worry about connecting your smartphone – Apple CarPlay integration and Android Auto compatibility systems are now a standard feature in all Nissan vehicles!


Interior Space Comparison


2023 nissan sentra foldable rear seats cargo space expansion

2023 Nissan Sentra’s rear folding seats allow for extra cargo space.

Let’s talk about interior space – both cars have similar size and enough space to comfortably accommodate 5 people. If you enjoy the natural light in the cabin you can additionally equip the Sentra with a Moonroof!  The Nissan Sentra has a bit smaller trunk than Versa (20 litres difference), but both cars offer a special feature – when you fold the back seat row, you open the access to the trunk and conveniently expand your cargo area for transporting large items!


Customization Options


2023 nissan sentra colour customization options

2023 Nissan Sentra has a wide variety of customizations, including two-tone colour options.

The Nissan Versa 2023 presents the classical exterior colour choice – besides timeless whites, greys and black, you can choose a blue or scarlet coating. For the inside there are three different types of cloth material. Nissan Sentra has a broader coat colour palette including the modern 2-tone options, and also a bigger choice of interior materials, including cloth, leather and synthetic leatherette Prima-Tex.




2023 nissan sentra two tone orange and black parked

2023 Nissan Sentra parked outside.

Both Nissan Sentra and Nissan Versa are dependable, safe and high performance sedans. The Versa is more on the budget side with lower starting price and amazing fuel economy. It’s a great model if you’re searching for a trim with manual transmission. The Sentra provides more power and many customization options for a personal touch. It’s a tough choice to make! However, the good news is that whether you opt for the Versa or Sentra, you’ll be the proud owner of a fantastic vehicle that will serve you well for many years to come!


2023 nissan sentra parked by shipping container home

2023 Nissan Versa parked outside.


If you would like to see the cars or schedule a test drive, or if you would like more information, our specialists at Nissan of Sarnia will be more than happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us!

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